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trying to play with the tiny lilypad board, I have uploaded a blink program which use Pin 1, which looks like to be used to reset the board (this post on sparkfun forum for instance)

So when the board is connected to my computer, it boots, then reset, boots, reset, boots, reset too fast to upload anything (and the windows device manager play it's annoying sound every 2 sec or so).

It looks like there is very few documentation of this board on Internet (the one which always comes out is this one)

I've tried to find something on flashing a new bootloader to the board but my lack of experience in this matter doesn't really help. I guess this is the only way I've got left.

Does anyone have some tips of useful links to help me on this, or I can put the board to trash ?
(even it doesn't cost that much, I really be happy to be able to use it again).


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