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Hi I bought this http://item.mobileweb.ebay.com/viewitem?itemId=170570286541&index=11&nav=SEARCH&nid=76445374561 to program my Arduino... I have basically a boarduino with Atm328. did I buy the wrong driver? I will get the message Driver not responding. I instaled the driver for the ... driver  :smiley-roll: but I think the problem is that I accidental fried one of the copper traces on the driver board. Before I buy another one I just wanted to know if the one in the link will work. I fried the circuit before I realized that I had to instal a driver software. So I am not sure if it would of worked.. sorry for short text and explanation I am at school right now. once I get home I plan to upload a picture of the copper trace that is exposed on the board. It comes from the V+ pin. I shorted it out on accident by connecting both to the G round pins on my board. The weird thing is the USB driver kinda works but idk...  I think it would just be better to buy another Arduino probably the Dem or the UNO and just swap the other ATM328 Ic chip around to program them. Would that work?


seems Okey but i can't get the bigger picture however it's not a big deal normally it should be fine , but how did you fried the copper trace did you connect any other place as well or just the USB connection , in my knowledge it should be no problem with the 5vdc that is provided on the USB ports but then if you haven't connected it with any thing else but with only the USB port and it's trace got fumed then Donot buy it may be in that case would be the WRONG TRACE width calculation problem.
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