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Hello everyone.
I am doing a project with matrix leds 16x32 rgb and I have seen two problems that I can not solve.
This is the situation:
PROBLEMS: The matrix only shows the top half and the LEDs that should show the message are off and all the others are red.
The tests I made with the libraries of "Adafruit" and "rgbmatrixpanel"
It is not a personalized code, only the examples of the "rgbmatrixpanel" library.
I have reviewed the connections a thousand times and I can not find the solution.
The scheme that I have is the following:

What I don't understand is that this matrix doesn't have the same pins as the adafruit matrix because the pins G1, R2, B2, G2 of the adafruit, don't appear here.
From the pins that I have,
I have placed them in Arduino in the following way:
GND ------ GND
A ----------- A0
B ----------- A1
C ---------- A2
R1 --------- D2
G1 --------- D3
STB (LAT) ------- A3
CLK ------ D11

This is the code:

Code: [Select]

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
#include <Adafruit_GFX.h>   // Core graphics library
#include <RGBmatrixPanel.h> // Hardware-specific library

#define CLK 11  // MUST be on PORTB! (Use pin 11 on Mega)
#define LAT A3
#define OE  9
#define A   A0
#define B   A1
#define C   A2
RGBmatrixPanel matrix(A, B, C, CLK, LAT, OE, false);

void setup() {

void loop() {

 matrix.setCursor(2, 5);

And this is the result:

Any solution?

PD: All the LEDs work perfectly. Sometimes when I squeeze the wires with my hands, I see the whole screen but the same image in the middle above and half below.


Are you sure this is an RGB matrix? There is no blue data connection - it would be called "B1".
I suspect this is a red/green matrix. Can you post a link?

You need to connect the "D" pin to make the top and bottom halves of the display work correctly. The code you have is not configured to do this.


I don't know where this led matrix has been purchased. I have not been in charge of making the purchase of this matrix (I thought it was an adafruit matrix). Could it be possible that having two input sockets (each with 16 pins) should work with the two active sockets?
But, I can't think of another solution.


Could it be possible that having two input sockets (each with 16 pins) should work with the two active sockets?
I don't understand what you are suggesting. But my suspicion is that you are mistaken about the model of the display and the code you are trying to use is not suitable for it.


This matrix has two input sockets, in the photo you can see on the left and on the right.
It could be that R1 and G1 are in the left side and R2 and G2 are in the right side (I'm not sure).

Regarding the matrix, it is of Chinese origin (I don't know which page but my suspicions are of "sparkfun") and I have supposedly been told that the library that operates this matrix is the adafruit of 16x32.


No, the other socket will be the same layout as the first but with outputs rather than inputs, for connection to a second panel.

Everything is made in China these days. Sparkfun is a US company, rivals to AdaFruit. But most of what both Sparkfun and AdaFruit sell is made in China.


I have already found the solution.
Thanks to your "suspicions" I have found the right library.
I was trying as you say to use the library of an RGB matrix in mine which is just RG (Red and green).
You have been very helpful, thank you!

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