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This is a suggested modification to the EEPROM documentation.  I failed to find a better place to make this suggestion.

The existing eeprom documentation:


and the companion EEPROMWrite.html

show parameters like this:


address: the location to read from, from 0 to 511 (int)

I understand from elsewhere in the forums that the 511 is not a true limitation, and that the upper limit to this parameter is a function of the installed chip, therefore the 511 should be modified to show that higher addresses are possible and are hardware dependent.

Therefore I suggest the Parameters section be changed to:


address: the location to read from (or write to), from 0 to nnn (int), when nnn is at least 511.  The maximum value for nnn is dependent on which Arduino board you are running.


This has been updated on the homepage: http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/EEPROMRead and http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/EEPROMWrite.  Which version of Arduino are you using?  I think 0022 includes the updated documentation.

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