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I've tried learning Arduino by following 2 courses at Udemy. I can do very basic project such as blinks, stepper and servo motors, but when it comes to more than just one piece, I'm totally lost. For example, having a load cell, LCD, a push button and a mini, I get confused. I tried on my own and then needed to ask questions, but the answers I got was "read up on it", not what I'm looking for.

Most of my projects are all animations (sound, LCD, stepper, etc) and probably very easy for most of you. I have 5-6 in mind and would need someone to do the coding. Here's an example of my first project.

I have a 5KG Electronic Scale Load Cell Weight Weighing Pressure Sensor which is connected to a HX711 AD Module and then a Nano. I also have a Keyestudio 1602 I2C LCD 2004 Display Module to display the results. There's also a SPST Mini Micro Momentary Tactile Push PCB Button Switch C to clear the display for the next item to be weighed.

The goal is to weigh an item, show the result on the LCD, once I take note of the weight, I then press the button to clear the display and start all over.

Hope this makes sense and that someone would be willing to offer their services.
I'm from Canada


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