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Topic: DUE parallel LCD library for mcufriend and other 8bit// 9341 based display?? (Read 255 times) previous topic - next topic


The spi libraries for // display shield work well but they are sloooow.
Where are the // libraries?


SPI libraries from MarekBuriak and from Bodmer work very FAST.   SPI using DMA is effective.
SPI is easy to wire to the standard 3x2 SPI header on the Due.

ILI9341 with  8080-16 parallel interface works fast too.   ColdTears have a 40-pin Adapter for Due.

Mcufriend display shields are designed to plug directly into Uno or Mega.
This means that all the ports are mangled when you use a Due.

MCUFRIEND_kbv has always had SPECIALs for 40-pin with 8080-16 Adapter for Due.
And SPECIALs for home-made Protoshield Adapters that receive Mcufriend Uno displays.
So you get efficient un-mangled port access and the Due works fast.


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