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Kids and high voltage ?, safe voltage is 24V
I wanted to say that the WACO (?) connectors I found are designed for low voltage, but they were placed in the section for 220V in the hardware store. Therefore, I wonder whether some other interesting items are not placed randomly.

For kids, I stay on 3V for general purpose and in 5V for Arduino.


From internet: Europe (where I am located) has safety standards that are easier to fulfill by other connection methods than wire-nuts. This is why they are not available here. Some time ago, a lot of electricity networks were in aluminium and this also prevented the use of wire -nuts.

The interesting point is that I found the wire-nuts (from the description) as very appropriate for low voltage connections - in teaching kids. Because apparently nobody considers this use, it seems like nobody imports them here.

If no hope, I will keep using rabbit-tail twisting ans some insulation band.



For DIY projects connecting aluminium with copper are -screws, and wire nuts, to make join better special compound is used.


They are in europe, but under different names,Poland.


Thank you!

For this operation I invented a tool (to be honest, it does not work very well. but it could be improved :-)

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