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Hello Everyone,

Mansi Here.

In my dissertation work there is  one step in that i want 2 way Wireless Communication between LabView Software and the Arduino Uno. For this
1. Arduino Uno to LabView  - Done
2. LabView To Arduino Uno  - Get Difficulty

To send data from PC - Through LAB VIEW Software  to Arduino Uno, In LabView   i have installed the LIFA - Lab View interfaced  to Arduino Toolkit. In that we can initialized the arduino uno board using three options, (i) USB/Serial (ii) Xbee (iii) Bluetooth. For the initialization i have used the first option in that got success but to make it wireless i have used the XBEE option because i dont have the ZigBee ETRX357 or ETRX3USB option. In that the arduino not get initialized. So it cant responded to the transmitted signals.

So what should i do to make the LabView to Arduino Uno Wireless Communication. Is there any toolkit available for ETRX357 - LRS and ETRX357 USB Stick - the Telegesis  ZigBee Devices which help in both Lab View and Arduino Uno?

Attaching the block diagram and VI pl refer it.

Please help me out as fast as possible because it stop my work.



Does your Laptop/PC running LabView have an in built Bluetooth Adapter?

What I see you could possibly do is use Bluetooth to get the Wireless communication taking place. That will save you resources on having an extra Zigbee module for your PC.

If your PC doesn't have inbuilt Bluetooth, you may use a USB-Bluetooth dongle. You may need to explore sample code/libraries for natively accessing Bluetooth port on PC and sending data over to Arduino.

I've done something with LeapMotion and you may get an idea from this:

Hope that helps!
Cheers :)


Helo Mansi.
Thanks for the discussions, i have the same topics, i'm currently working on final projects in my university.
i have constructed ECG circuit to Arduino UNO and i have following code LIFA base to Arduino UNO, interfacing to VI LabVIEW, i have done yet the signal waveform is appear in VI LabVIEW that i constructed.
and as you said that, you have done yet to transmitting data from Arduino UNO to LabVIEW wirelessly.
and thats my problem now, my goal is to subtituted the RS-232 to USB from Arduino UNO to the two pairs Xbee radios with LIFA programs.
can you give me a hints and suggestions about that ??
Thanks, Regards.


Can I have your coding for labVIEW block diagram naufan? u can sent it to this email: ozharfan1996@gmail.com .. i am really appreciate your help

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