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Your ability to see evil in everything we do is becoming legendary :)

Uwe Federer is one of the top contributors to the forum (see http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php?action=profile;u=14713) and in particular to the italian forum. Considering that he speaks german as well as italian and english he does a pretty amazing job in multiple forums.

He requested a different username in order to be able to clearly separate his moderation activities from the times when he's just speaking for himself.



Ahh yes I do remember about the dual name thing...


Your ability to see evil in everything we do is becoming legendary

I should hope so :D


I didn't have in mind any "Knighting Ceremony" for the moderators, should we have one? :)

Massimo, you absolutely should publicly announce new moderators. 

This serves two purposes.  First, it recognizes people for the service you're asking of them.  Second, the addition of moderators impacts the culture of forum.  It's just a fact of human society.  New leaders in any system affect the culture of the system.  So when you say, "Person X is a moderator," you are saying, "Person X is the kind of person we value here, this is the kind of society we are."  This is valuable and useful information.


New leaders in any system

I'm a leader?
Wow, am I in the wrong place!

(I think of myself more like a humble policeman. The kind who isn't handed wads of cash in plain brown envelopes)

Coding Badly

The kind who isn't handed wads of cash in plain brown envelopes

That was an option?  Dang!  Typical of me.  A day late and a plain brown envelope short.


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I'm a leader?

It's a fact.  Those who control the levers of power, like it or not, participate in setting the direction of the system.  People will look to you guys as role models for how to treat people.  This can be observed in pretty much any significant on-line community.

I think of myself more like a humble policeman.

This speaks to my first point.  Acknowledging your service to the community in a public way is a nice touch.  Since you're not actually getting any cash, it's an easy way to show appreciation for your police work.


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Those who control the levers of power

You'd be surprised how short those levers are   :D

Almost everything I do here is pretty tongue-in-cheek, so don't expect too much leadership from this direction (I'm new to this "online community" concept)

Edit: Pondering further on the subject, the role it is less like a policeman, more like a school caretaker (or "entropy control engineers" as I believe they are now called).
Think Filch from Hogwarts, or Willie from The Simpsons. (in fact, physically, both are pretty good likenesses)


Sorry to but in on this thread
I am new to forum - I can not see how to post a new thread
Would appreciate some help


I can not see how to post a new thread

Pick the forum that you want to post the question/statement/whatever in (whichever is most closely related to the topic of your post). Select the New Topic button. Type away.
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I am applying to be moderator for the new FAQ topic area. (Area is locked, so only moderators can write to it).


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I think I might apply to moderate the moderators !

Yesterday I posted
Banned from official Arduino forum?

New postby joecool17 ยป Mon Nov 14, 2011 1:53 am
This probably isn't the right place, but it seemed like the best fit, as it has to do with my latest project. MODS: If not, please move it to the right spot.
I was apparently banned yesterday from the Arduino forum shortly after my first post. It asked about speech synthesis and singing, and included a link to one of my favorite XKCD comics where HAL replaces Dave with GLaDOS. I did nothing else, aside from filling in some profile info, and I have received no communication from the Arduino forum. I can't even access it logged out. I have been able to see it at a friend's house, and it seems my post was also deleted. Could someone post this to the Arduino forum and help me figure out what happened?

That post disappeared without explanation whatever.

Now if there is a problem with the guy OK - remove the post and tell me why
If you have fixed his problem OK tell me

Removing it without explanation is downright rude!


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The user was reinstated, an explanation posted, and after a decent interval the whole thread was moved to "Garbage" "Recycle bin".


Please, this thread has be locked now. User tytower lecturing on netiquette and manners.Too precious. Preserve this for future generations, please.
Some people are like Slinkies.

Not really good for anything, but they bring a smile to your face when pushed down the stairs.


Although I am learning C as it pertains to AVR, I do have 15 plus years at the bench working with CCTV, Alarm systems, and Camera controls. I would gladly assist the forum anywhere required.

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