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Hi, I was wondering how competent one would have to be in Matlab and Simulink to get started with the engineering kit?. Would the e-learning platforms be designed to someone who is relatively new to these? Can wait to get my kit  :)


I should've posted a reply to the already started thread - for future reference is it possible to delete a thread which you have started?

One more addition to my previous question - what sort of engineering background should one have to get started with the kit?



Users don't necessarily need to have engineering background to operate the projects, since all MATLAB and Simulink programs are included. However, for users that wish to extend and evolve the provided programs it will be helpful to understand the underlying engineering concepts.

In the kit it is also included the online access to the e-learning platform to learn more about MATLAB and Simulink, and the engineering concepts covered in the projects.

The kit covers: system modeling, controls, image processing, robotics, signal processing, among many others.

I hope this helps,
Valentina Chinnici
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I cannot register my code for arduino.cc/edu/reg Where can I find the tutorial to build the 3 projects?

It says This code is invalid, please insert another one



I have the Arduino engineering kit and its working really good.

The problem I have is with the ultrasonic sensor - the one I got in the kit has four pins (Vcc, gnd, trig and echo).
When I use the set up from the Arduino web page it only shows what to do when the ultrasonic sensor has the three pins. 

When using the four pin sensor, and the instructions, it means the trig pin is not connected.  Also the module cable goes from a four pin to three pin connector for the Arduino MKR motor carrier and it doesn't show how the trig is activated with this setup.

Is there something I am missing or is there another way of setting up the ultrasonic sensor with the four pins.

Thanks for your help


The Ultrasonic sensors that I have - use four pins.
I have a tutorial on how to use them... but it is quite old now:  https://arduinobasics.blogspot.com/2012/11/hc-sr04-ultrasonic-sensor.html

I am guessing that there is a library that can be found on the internet.
But if you want to know if it works - have a look at the tutorial above.

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