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Hello everyone.

I am not a programmer, but I have one Arduino MEGA 2560 controller inside one of the machine. I need someone who can do a programming for me to get the data on the display of software.

The output of the software is attached for your review.

Waiting for replies from users of Arduino.


Is COM4 the port that the application is reading from, or writing to?

What is that application getting data from? What format is that data in?

The picture doesn't tell us anything useful.
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That looks like a LabView display, is that right? Inside the device is an Arduino that's programmed to do some function, and is controlled over the serial port, I assume.

If so, you'll need to tell us how to talk to the device. What commands does it support? What is the comm protocol?

And finally, exactly what is it you want to do? Change the Arduino software, or display some data from it that is not currently being displayed?
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Why do you need an arduino for this? If you want to get data off the machine, well - it already does this over the COM port. Write a program in the language of your choice that ruins on a laptop. It needs to open the COM port, talk to your fridge, and spit the data out into a file of some sort. Job done. Do it in BASIC. Do it in Java.

An arduno solution might be appropriate if you what you want is to have a smallish unit stuck into a USB slot, writing data to an SD card every minute or whatever.


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I have a project like you need:



My best guess is that OP wants to connect a display directly to the Mega, and have the data now presented on the computer screen to be served up on that directly connected display.

If so, not much chance it can be done. Arduinos are not good with graphics, takes too much memory. You'll need a more powerful processor (Teensy, ESP32, maybe even RPi).
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