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does anyone have a clue about where I can get my hands on a couple of small push type solenoids? The cheaper the better, of course. They are for building some kind of drum/noise machine with Arduino.

I really liked this version hackaday[dot]com/2008/09/25/arduino-solenoid-concert/, so something inspired by that is the goal.

Many thanks/Anders


Some of my favorite surplus dealers have deals on solenoids:

Alltronics,  All Electronics,  BG Micro, and Electronic Goldmine.

I bought some of the ones from BG Micro,  and a few of each of these,  to try out for a project I'm working on:  tiny one with return spring,  and larger one with loose armature.  So,  if you want to know more about any of them,  feel free to ask.

I've got a few extras,  so if all you need is solenoids,  and can't find other goodies from the surplus dealers to fill out a minimum order,  drop me an email,  and I can sell you a couple of mine.



I will check out the dealers. Thanks for your generous offer as well.

Thank you so much!/Anders

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