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I have button on my UWP app, which function is to establish Bluetooth connection to Arduino Uno.
But nothing happens when I click it. Is there something I have missed in code?
No error message appears.

Here is the code!
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private void buttonStart_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
          BluetoothSerial connection;
           RemoteDevice arduino;
           connection = new BluetoothSerial("RNBT-9D4F");
            arduino = new RemoteDevice(connection);
            arduino.DeviceReady += OnDeviceReady;

            connection.begin(115200, SerialConfig.SERIAL_8N1);



I get this error message
BluetoothSerial::connectToDeviceAsync failed with a Platform::Exception type. (message: The
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parameter is incorrect.
 No Bluetooth devices found matching the specified identifier.)

Can someone help me?

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