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Greetings Everyone,

I'm a 23-old years boy who want learn new skills and is very interested in elettronics and engineering.
Months ago I started my first approach from the scratch and I-m still learning. As one of the first results I try to create the "Duino Tag Gun" from IBM DEVELOPER WORKS.

Although I obtain some results, I still have several concepts that I don't understand really.
Therefore, I decide to restart the process and learn EVERYTHINGH FROM THE SCRATCH.
What are Your advices? (Approaches, books, courses)

And beyond that, I want to work and create laser tag guns and several objects reletad, what kind of skillset I need? How I can succed in this task?


Oh come on!

Is anyone there? Is anyone?


I still have several concepts that I don't understand really.
So what is your concepts that you didnt understand with?

Duino Tag Gun
What the component uses for this projects, and what code you already uses?

you need more specific talk about your projects


Oh come on!
Is anyone there? Is anyone?
really your questions are just not answerable and depend on you..

You have 4 fundamental things you need to learn though:
- boolean logic
- architecture of a micro-controller (and by extension of a computer)
- programing in C and the basics of C++ and the associated notions of linking / generating a binary for a target architecture
- the basics of electronics (voltage, current, resistors, condensators, transistors, IC)

There are zillions of on line resources, books, computer science schools etc... if you are a visual learner there are videos, if you learn by doing there are computer clubs and tutorials, if you are OK to wait before messing around focus on the theory first...

Lasers are dangerous for the eyes and regulated in many countries, would suggest you focus on other stuff as your first few pet projects

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