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Hi guys, an Arduino noob here. Basically I'm trying to use the Torque Pro app with my Arduino to read sensor values from a motorcycle with no OBD.

I have all resistance values for analogue sensors but Im not sure how I would integrate and get the Arduino to understand the values. Also I cannot attach sensors to the Arduino as putting 12v to it is not a good idea.

This has been a long ongoing project which I really would appreciate some help with!! I'm okay with the technical/physical/electrical side of things but no good with writing programs!!!

Hope someone can help
Many thanks


I thought the Torque app requires OBD?
I have a Bluetooth OBD adapter that I can connect to with my phones or tablets.


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From what I understand you can use an Arduino to send custom sensor data to the torque pro app.


Using this information I would like to send my direct sensor data to the torque pro app through my Arduino however am unsure on where to start as I am not very competent with programming.

I am looking to relay engine rpm, fuel level, and coolant temperature


Hello bmunro21,

that is possible! You can connect a HC05/06 Bluetooth adapter to an Arduino and let it communicate with Torque or any OBD II compatible device/app.
I´ve done exactly the same, but with a different approach to get the data.
My bikes (2012 Kawasaki & 2006 Gsx-R) both have a diagnostic interface, which I analysed.

You can see the topic here.
And my solution there.

What I do not know, if you can grab the signal from the original wires. This should change the resistance and at the and, the result. Your speedometer and your torque will show wrong values, then. That´s what I expect.
It might be easier and more reliable to grab the digital signals to the speedo/odo-meter.

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