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They keep track?  Even though I'm not paying?

I think that originally I had the quiz evaluated as a percentage (0-100%), but when I wanted to add multi-part questions ("check all that apply") that had partial credit, that made it go to a n/m style score.  Strange that the top scores weren't reset.  I wonder if I can reset them manually?  (Nope; not without upgrading.)

(Hmm.  Something seems to have made the quizzes "private"; perhaps when my "free trial period" ended.  Fixed.)


I like the test idea and format...
Perhaps 'Arduino' themselves might come to the party and support the platform - so the quizzes can be maintained semi-professionally.

The opportunity for real beginners to learn is phenomenal.
Thanks for getting this far
Experienced responders have a nose for laziness, (they were beginners once)... Sure, there are trolls, chest-beaters, and pretenders - but the help you'll get here is about as good as it gets - if you try to help youself!.


"This far"?

I rarely see professional online testing that is this sophisticated, thorough or accurate. Especially the big publishing house quizzing services. "It marked me wrong for a correct answer" is the number 1 complaint I hear, followed closely by "It's incredibly slow".

So far this collection beats what I have sampled (sapling, mastering ..., OWL.)

I'd be afraid that, if Arduino LLC got involved, it would become a marketing tool, and feature the MKR boards and other hot items, for example.
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Here's a new one:  Arduino Quiz #n: History and Politics

I, um, might have had a bit of fun with this one, and I recommend not drinking any liquids while taking the quiz...
(I did try to stay away from questions that were TOO opinion-based.)
(But ... who knew that Arduino had had quite that many crises!)

Hmmph.  One of the for-pay features at proprofs is apparently the "feedback per choice" (as opposed to "feedback per question.")   Rats.  I liked that one.


Oct 02, 2018, 11:18 am Last Edit: Oct 02, 2018, 11:18 am by westfw
I rarely see professional online testing that is this sophisticated, thorough or accurate. Especially the big publishing house quizzing services.
It's easy to come up with a couple-dozen good questions (especially if you're rephrasing someone elses work!) and answer sets.  Coming up with the problem sets for a whole textbook, or even transcribing the questions/answers from the text to an online quiz system, would be a daunting task.   (I remember college: "the answers to odd-number problems are in the back.  Not all of them are correct.")

But thanks!  I've been through several "Pro" MOOCs now, and way too many "Facebook Quizzes", and I'm developing some definite opinions about how to do online quizzes (and how NOT to.)


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This "History and Politics" quiz is in the incredibly slow category. That said, it covers a good field. I only got the 5 easy ones right out of 16 questions. It's a little spoilery, but my favorite answer is:
  • Include some people who are not very "nice", who are likely to help with your problem anyway.

ps, your quizzes are really nice West, I never have the patience to write them, but I know if I invested the time, I'd have it to use forever. But I stop being a teacher in about 14 weeks. :|

Larry's curated test bank is really amazing. Some software that could cull a subset of a database like that could auto-generate different quizzes, with a difficulty level that one could specify. I know the Sapling team did this with a huge collection of chemistry questions. They employed real chemists to fact-check the problems, and of all the commercial tests, I find it to be the most accurate. Nothing galls me more than wrong question/answers in an online resource that my students have to pay for.

By publishing here, Larry opened this up to the largest, most capable collection of Arduino engineers and technicians in this universe.
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