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Has anyone been able to get a application written
For two dc motors with a flysky sky remote control
Driving one motor reverse forward and the other
Reverse forward so it's like a tank I'm not good at
Writing code the example code worked for using
With my computer putting commands in the monitor but I would like to control them using remote control with my flysky 6 Chanel 6078 plus I've put both
Together with just the power and motors connected.  This works but have no idea where the
Receiver would hook up to the Arduino Uno R3.  Has anyone been able to produce a application to run two motors with the monster and was able to control the project with a similar controller and receiver?  Would it be possible to have a application written from a programmer I've been stuck for a month looking and I'm trying to learn the code language but I'm lost please, pretty please with sugar on the top would someone help me figure this out? This project isn't anything I'd make money on and when I get it going I'd be sure to pass it along and help anyone that needs it! God Bess

Let me say first coding is Alien to me! 
So here is what I need a full sketch I hope isn't that much to ask because I rarely ask for anything
The application would consist of driving two dc motors hooked up to a monster motor driver shield
And I'm using a receiver and transmitter from flysky 6078 the direction would be both motors forward,backwards and when I turn right right wheel would go backwards and left would go forward then turning left just do opposite of right turn and that's it.  I was able to get a full code that worked for a l298 h bridge arduino and flysky
But motor driver was not enough amps for the load I thought I could just order a monster motor
Shield and keep the same code. Boy was I wrong!
If you can help me I'd Greatly Appreciate it! 
You can send it to my email Hi5skinny3@gmail.com
              Thank You in Advance! 

Coding Badly

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Post your current code or we cant help you.

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