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Hello everyone,

I have to make an assignment for school with Arduino. I am unfortunately not so good at technical subjects and therefore probably have a simple question.

By means of an I052116 IR Infrared Motion Detector Sensor Module (DC 5V - 20V), I want to measure the number of movements and can see them in the serial motor. Currently I am only able to show whether there is movement or not.

I hope someone can help me out of trouble by answering this question.

Thankyou! ;D


Welcome to the Arduino forum.

I cannot find any documentation on the device. Did you get any with the device?

I see there is an adjustable delay 0.3 to 18 seconds. Does changing this help any?

I suspect there is a fundamental problem determining when one motion ends and another begins. Perhaps the delay set to minimum will help.



PIR sensors (I assume this is one) only tell you whether there is any motion of a warm object within its field of vision, or not. That's all they can do. It can not tell whether you have one or two or even more such objects moving at the same time.
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