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Hello, so, I bought a chasis (https://www.generationrobots.com/en/402120-multi-chassis-4wd-kit-standard-version.html) and my problem is the following. I am using the L298N dual motor driver with a 5 AA battery rack. The motors work so its not the problem about the DC motors its just with the voltage outputed.  I saw some Li-Ion batteries but I don't if it will work. The GND is both made from the rack and the arduino. If you have any ideas or something please write ASAP here.

Thank you !


The chassis that you bought does not appear to come with any driver board, so you can't blame the manufacturer of the chassis for your poor choice of driver.

I am using the L298N dual motor driver
One you bought? Or one you made?

its just with the voltage outputed.
Unlikely. It is far more likely that the driver board can't handle the current required.

Moving 7.5 Kg using 5 AA batteries seems unrealistic to me.

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Hello, today I have weighed my chasis and it was 564 g which it may be heavy but I saw some yt videos with the same chasis and the same dc motors and the tank was going pretty fast. And I have saw that the rubber thing (i don't know how it is called) from the tanks wheels are moving slower when they are on the wheels without it it moves faster (obviously) but my point is for moving the tank with the rubber thing on, can you recomend me something like a better driver. I already tested with L293 and TB6612FNG and it was the same thing. Could you recommend something better than the actual dc motors or how to make them move faster i dont know.

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