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I offer a programmed system for controlling heating via microcontrollers of different types.
It is possible to use:
  • Arduino Uno / Mega and Ethernet shield W5100 or W5500
  • ESP8266
  • ESP32

The web interface is fully compatible with all the mentioned boards. The system allows you to record up to 6 temperatures with DS18B20 Dallas sensors on the OneWire bus.
The system allows you to manage:
Heating - Optional Hysteresis Boiler with Optional Temperature Control Sensor, Optional Reference Temperature
Circulation pump - optional reference temperature, optional sensor, switch if the temperature is set below - no hysteresis
Both output elements support 2 modes:
  • Automatic - works autonomously, with hysteresis (boiler), reference temperatures, selected sensors

  • Manual - manual ON / OFF - fixed for an indefinite period of time

The web interface allows the entire system to manage and manage, also suitable for lay people.

Arduino supports HTTP connection, NodeMCU and ESP32 HTTPS connection, ESP32 can also be connected to enterprise wifi network under 802.1x EAP protocol. Thus, ESP boards can transmit both data and encryption. For ESP32, it is necessary to insert the Root CA certificate in the format. With ESP8266, an HTTPS fingerprint certificate is required. In the event of an Ethernet / wifi failure (or site unavailability), the system is managed with the latest known reference temperatures and hysteresis (the solution has a longer response to the user, multiple requests per page), and all relays can be safely disconnected when the wifi connection .

The system also allows:

  • View real-time temperature data
  • Change thermometer names, for example by room
  • Control heating, circulating pump
  • View 24-hour charts for minute-minute outputs and for 4-minute imaging
  • Additional charts with 7-day history
  • Remote restart boards
  • Login system
  • Login log in with IP address (IPv4 and IPv6)
  • Changes log on the system when the microcontroller switches the heating, shut down, and so on.
  • Change login
  • The source code for the microcontroller directly on the web

The system uses PHP, AJAX calls, MySQL database, ControlR template with Bootstrap grid system.
You need a webserver for your solution, you just need a freehost. The system is suitable for gas boilers with a relay connection to the room thermostat or directly to the boiler. Originally created for heating cabins during the winter months with NodeMCU and 3G router. The web can be placed on the Internet for control from anywhere or in the LAN.
I will like to explain, I will show project, and also offer a demo to try the source code for your microcontroller on my domain. Ask.
Screenshots from the project at runtime:

Arduino and website programmer

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