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My team is using NeoPixel rings for our Senior Design project at Ohio Northern University.  We have been searching for ~70mm diameter WS2812 LED rings, and these were the only rings of this diameter that we could find.  We bought a few to test with, and they work well.  Unfortunately we discovered that they are no longer offered on the online store.  Does anyone know if this product (Code: WTP-WS2812B-RGB-16LED) will be back on the store soon?  If not, has anyone found WS2812 LED rings with a 70mm outer diameter?



I notice the product does show up if you set your location to "Africa or Europe" but not if you set your location to "America, Asia, Oceania".

These rings say they're 68 mm OD:


Unfortunately we discovered that they are no longer offered on the online store.
"the online store"? There are a few million online stores around the globe. Can you be a tiny bit more specific?

Adafruit has 66 mm rings in stock.
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They mean the Arduino Store:
I was also a bit confused at first because I hadn't noticed they sold that product in the Arduino store.

I originally had included links to Adafruit and SparkFun product listings in my previous reply but then I noticed that all their WS2812 rings are more densely populated than the ones sold in the Arduino store. So the Adafruit 66 mm ring has 24 WS2812 instead of the 16 on the 70 mm ring in the Arduino store that dan_musci is familiar with. Both densities are sold on eBay and Aliexpress. The links I provided are to the lower density rings like the Arduino store ones.


68mm on ebay too:


My experience has been that you may get a 16 led ring.. but where they place the resistors may differ..  (possibly changing the OD perhaps?)

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