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My Arduino is going in a weather proof  outdoor box.  It will monitor sensors in the compressor unit.  Most of the wiring will be in a conduit, but some of wiring will be exposed to outside weather.  We live in the desert so ultra violet resistance is important.  Each sensor will get a three wire set: power, ground, and signal.  I started searching for information about insulation types and did not find anything oriented to this need.
Have you any suggestions as to what type of wire and insulation I should use?


No idea what you searched for in the past so below is what I found; you might already have found all this.

First google hit for uv proof wires was this morning UV resistant Wire - SAB cable.

I have no idea about ratings, you're probably more familiar with it and the linked product might not satisfy your needs.
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The distance between an Arduino and the sensor could also be an issue and long wires may pick up interference.


good answer, thank you.
There are ten items to monitor at the compressor and one Arduino goes in a box next to it.  Wire runs to sensor will be from 4 to 7 feet.  A second Arduino goes next to the air handler where the runs to the sensor will be shorter.  Both will use ethernet to a switch, maybe with wireless, then to my computer.


Finding UV stabilised cabling might be a long shot and if you do, probably expensive and probably only sold in set length rolls, again costing a small fortune.

Most grey conduit used here in Aus at least is already uv stabilised and might be your best option.


Most grey conduit used here in Aus at least is already uv stabilised and might be your best option.
Presumably there's a reason for the OP not having all the wiring in a conduit, he says that most of it is. Perhaps it's a space thing?

How about ultra-violet-rated insulation tape?- is there such a thing? And if it starts to fall apart after a while it won't be a huge job to re-tape the un-conduited wiring without needing to disconnect the ends.


Considering reliability, it would seem sensible to simply use conduit for all the wiring.  The cost is not going to be great compared to the overall project.

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