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I'm interested in a project which given a GPS track or series of waypoints holds a heading. This project is similar to many of the auto pilot threads with some differences that may make it simpler.

I am hoping to use side scan sonar to map river bottoms on a smaller oar powered white water boat. Side scan sonar performs best when a relatively straight line is followed. Navigating down a river usually requires what's called ferrying to avoid obstacles. When ferrying down a river the boat's bow (or stern) doesn't always point in the direction of the river flow. Thus, if a transducer is attached to the boat it will be subject to a changing heading which will result poor sonar performance.

I'm wondering if I could follow a similar routine as the auto pilot but instead of changing the heading of the boat I'm thinking I can mount the transducer on a rotating mount and adjust it's heading to point downstream no matter the position of the boat. Alternatively, I could try installing a rudder on the pole and let the current guide the pole, but what's the fun in that.

I have a grasp of heading sensors and GPS, but I'm not as certain about changing the rotation of the pole so I'm wondering if others have tackled similar projects? Input is appreciated!


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Changing the direction that the sensor is pointed is not different in principle from changing the direction that the boat is headed. I suggest to use a magnetometer to report the direction in which the sensor is pointed, and correct it as required using a simple PID algorithm.

Magnetometers need to be calibrated to be useful, and you will probably want tilt compensation. I recommend the LSM303D combination, along with Pololu's code for heading.

For calibration, this post provides an overview, and this tutorial is definitive.


Thanks!  I found some reasonable starting points to begin my project using the hardware you suggest.  l

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