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Hey everyone,

Im working on a project that is essentially a giant knob that controls various parameters on my PC. Specifically in my DAW. I'd like to use a rotary encoder that my PC essentially sees as a mouse wheel so when I mouse over a specific parameter I can make an adjustment. I believe thats the best way as MIDI data works great but I would have to manually teach the software what the controller is outputting for each parameter.

I was wondering what you all would recommend for a board and how you would go about coding that idea. From some research I would think Id want the Leonardo as it has USB built in.

The build idea would be like this:


unless there are better suggestions for an encoder and setup. Im all ears.

thank you!


The Leonardo is a good choice. I usually use the Pro Micro for my finished projects that need native USB functionality because it's nice and small, which means I can fit it in a smaller (and thus cheaper) enclosure.

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