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Hi there!

First post so bear with me.

I'm in the early stages of making a Hades costume for a convention later this year. I have a pretty basic understanding of arduino and building circuits so, naturally, now it's time to jump from somewhere near zero to over 9000 because that's what overachievers do. Am I right? :smiley-eek-blue:

Basically, my goal is to recreate  this effect with my costume. I'm using an Adafruit NeoPixel Digital RGB LED Strip in my chest and shoulder armor (all connected). I'm also going to have a separate circuit in my wig using a circuit playground and fiberoptic strands. Both circuits will glow blue by default.

Does anyone have advice as to momentarily changing the LEDs to red with a pressure sensor? Connect using conductive thread and a small square of velostat on each thumb (one connected to my wig, and one connected to my armor) maybe? Would that burn me up after a few hours?

I'm only brainstorming at the point so any/all tips would be greatly appreciated! Worst comes to worst, I'll keep everything blue but how cool would it be to rage like Hades?



Hi. For sensing pressure, a lot of people like using velostat for e-textile applications. It changes conductivity based on the pressure. There are a couple ways you can use it but the simplest is likely a resistor divider with the velostat as the bottom resistor (R2). Then feeding the divider output to the analogIn channels of an Arduino. When you detect the pressure, then you change the color to red. In a sense, you can make cloth buttons. Here's a useful tutorial.
Hope that helps :)
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