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Je voudrais savoir si quelqu'un sait comment je peux afficher des mesures sur le moniteur serie lors que  l'arduino Yun est connecté au wifi  sans etre relié par un cable ?

J'arrive à envoyer des instructions comment allumer ou eteindre une led mais la plupart du temps sa affiche quand meme:  connection impossible, le croquis utilise un pont ?

Merci à l'avance pour votre aide


Your sketch probably writes its output to Serial - this is only used with the direct USB connection.

If you are trying to get the same output with only a network connection, you need to update your sketch and change every occurrence of Serial to Console. Console is very similar to Serial, and will display the output on the Serial Monitor, except that Console is used with network connections.

One difference is that Console will only work after the Bridge has been started with Bridge.begin(). If you have Serial.begn() or any Serial output before Bridge.begin(), you will have to remove it (or keep it but don't change it over to Console, so you can use it with a USB connection.)

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