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Topic: OpenWRT 18.06 on YUN, is it possible? (Read 227 times) previous topic - next topic


Dear all,

I was wondering why the official support for openWRT on YUN stopped around 5 years ago with Attitude Adjustment porting. There's any technical limitation or is it just about commercial reasons?

If it concerns the business only, I would like to buil a custom version for my YUN of a vanilla version of OpenWRT 18.06 (last version) since I need some feature of the new kernel in my application (a project POC build on top of YUN and Raspberry).

Any suggestions regarding where to start (tutorial, wiki, etc) it's more than welcome... and on top of all:

which YUN-specific features I will lose?


PS I've found this build on openwrt website, but it does not work

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