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Hi, my name is Romeo. First of all I'd like to apologise if my post is not in the right section. I have been browsing for the last couple of days for a post similar to mine, couldn't find hence my post.
   I am trying to build a laser CNC that will cut one layer of fabric. Since the cutting area will be big (160cm wide and about 4m in length)I'd like to ask for your opinion if this project could be done with Arduino uno - cnc shiled - motor drivers and NEMA 17 motors.
   I will use dxf files that will contain a lot of patterns (up to 50 pieces) and that looks like the one in the attachment (I know I have to "translate" them to G-Code).
   From what I've read so far across the internet, I got stuck to two problems:
1) will the LaserGRBL know to turn on and off the laser beam when is passing from one patter to the next one or I have to do a very very long polyline to indicate the path of the cut?
2) could the laser, motors, drivers support that long functioning duration?

Is my project doable with Arduino?

Thank you,

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