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I recently bought an Aruduino Yun Rev2 and after installing some software including Python 3.6 I clicked the reset button on the board, hoping to free up some memory.   After resetting, I can no longer access arduino.local or the board through my Putty session.   I am wondering if the IP address has changed.   I can only access the board through the Arduino IDE and the serial port.

1)  How can I determine the IP address of the board if I cannot see the network connection in the IDE and cannot command line into the Arduino?
2)  Has anyone else experienced this kind of problem where Arduino becomes unstable after some installs and a reset?




Hi Steve,

I just picked up my first Yun and struggled with the same thing (finding the IP address).  I eventually learned that if you connect to the Yun via the serial port and run the Examples=>Bridge=>WifiStatus sketch, you should see the IP address in the serial output every few seconds.   The first time I tried this, I actually didn't see the IP address in the output though, so I was frustrated by the advise to run that sketch.  The problem was that I provided the Yun the wrong password to my WiFi, so it didn't have a valid network connection (so didn't report any IP address at all). 

Later, I learned that if the Yun is running, and has enough time to fully boot up (to the point where the wifi lights are on) with a valid network connection, I can see the Yun and it's IP address when I use the browser-based Arduino sketch editor available online (the IP address shows where you would normally see the port number).  Once I got the IP address, I could connect to the board with SSH over wifi and via the browser.   

Hopefully, everything else will sort itself out once you get your wifi connection to the board back up.


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