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Hi there beautiful people,

I have done some small projects with an arduino uno before but now I wanted to make an arduino project with johnny five over wifi..

I bought the mkr 1010 because I thought it would be the best board for wifi applications I could pick right now.. But I need to get johnny five communication with the mkr 1010 but all I find are guides of people useing the MKR 1000 and firmata..

I have connected to my mkr 1010 using the WiFiNINA lib but I am unsure how to link it with the johnny five lib. Is it unsupported or is there a way to get this working? (I don't think we can use the Firmata on our MKR 1010? )

This project is basically the setup I would like to get working but with an mkr 1010

If you would look in the source code you see code like:
// use the socketClient instead of a serial port for transport
  var boardIo = new firmata.Board(socketClient)
  var board = new five.Board({io: boardIo, repl: true})

Is there any way to connect to the mkr1010 like this?

In case communication with johnny five is impossible, What would be the best way for me to send data ( data = sensordata read by the arduino code uploaded from ide to avoid johnny five?) from the arduino to a node web server

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have been struggling to find any answers and unable to figure it out myself..

Thanks for reading.


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After 20+ hours of searching I found this platform that makes it easy to send data from your board using their tools..

They had documentation on how to set up your web calls to them.. I tweaked their code to send to my own ip and now it's working.


I find there isn't alot going for the MKR 1010 if I am searching the web, alot of libs do not support them and the information in general is really hard to find..

I do not think it's possible to use Johnny five at this moment with the mkr 1010? If it is, please let me know how!!

Hope this can help anyone.


Take a look at the Issues and Pull requests over at https://github.com/firmata/arduino.


hi peejee.
sounds like we're working on something similar.
i'm trying to stream data from mkr1010 (from an accelerometer) to a server so that i can do near-real time analysis and visualization on a web page.

i've got it working great on arduino uno (plugged in) via sockets using johnny-five + node.js. but, that's using firmata to relay the sensor data back to my desktop computer where the local server is doing all the work.

so, think the trick is going to be figuring out how to stream data off the board either to a local relay (mobile phone via bluetooth?) or direct to server over wifi. 

will post here as i figure stuff out. but would love any tips if any body has got 'em.

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