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I saw this ad on Facebook and it looked like a decent starter kit for a good deal but I have no idea if this reputable or not?Dont really want to give my credit card info for something that may not be legit.Thanks and hope to see everyone around the forums!


I can't say whether it is legit or not. What I do know is that at least 50% of the stuff in a starter kit will never be used. Figure out what you want, and buy those things.
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I think you are referring to th UNO R3 board from inventr.io ?

Now what's the betting it's a 'counterfeit' device as far as Arduino is concered and therefore not supported at all.

I bought one as it was only only £7.87 (after conversion from dollars) and I can't get Windows 10 device drivers to recognise it.


It is perfectly legitimate to make Arduino clones. The hardware design is Open Source. What is illegal is to include the Arduino Logo and pretend that they are genuine Arduino manufactured boards.

Many of the clones use CH340 USB to TTL serial converters and you will need to install the Windows driver for it. If you use Linux then the driver is already part of the operating system.

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I ordered an Arduino on this offer from InventrKits. I can confirm that it is indeed legitimate.
For $9.97 US they sent me (from China):
- An Arduino clone
- A USB cable
- A stick of 40 male header pins
- A pack of 100 LEDs, in white, red, yellow, green and blue. They're typical 5mm LEDs, but are nice and bright.
- By email, the two e-books. The 10 weekend projects one isn't just Arduino projects, there are a few projects for other microcontrollers in there as well (Raspberry Pi, ESP8266, NodeMCU)

Incidentally, the LED pack was the cheapest of the possible 'extras' in the listed options for the deal. The LED's are a nice extra. They're always useful. I'm left curious as to what the 'mystery item' is though. They sent me what was promised though, so I can't complain.


- This Arduino board has a CH340 rather than an FTDI or ATMega 16U2 like an official Arduino. For me at least, on MacOS 10.14.4 I didn't need to install any extra drivers. It just worked. I don't think I've installed drivers before.
- It has some neat extra pinouts below the ICSP header that the official Arduino doesn't have.
- All the typical pins have unpopulated soldering points beside them, which is nice since it gives you the option to make soldered connections.

Couple things about the board's LED's:
- All the LEDs are red rather than green power and yellow RX, TX and pin 13 LED.
- The RX and TX labels for those LED's are wrong, they're switched with each other. RX is TX and TX is RX. That's my biggest complaint.
- The TX label writing is upside down.

I guess with the extra LEDs and shipping, it was an ok deal.


It says this on their "Terms of Service":

"We do not guarantee, represent or warrant that your use of our service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free."

I would buy a cheap but legit starter from amazon, arduino, or another trusted seller.
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