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Hello ,
I would like to use ardunio board with our machines semi-automatic (restaurent √©quipements ) , can some body help me with arduino setting and with Arduino hardware, i make a restaurant √©quipements  machines  ,can explain my project later , this service will be paid , waiting your feedback

Kind regard
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can some body help me with arduino setting and with Arduino hardware
Specifically, what do you want the hardware to do? Reading a couple of sensors and turning a couple of LEDs on or off is one thing. Reading 600 sensors, including sound, and emulating a baby grand piano is quite another.
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You better explain your project in more detail NOW.

Then I for one would know if the project is feasible to begin with, and have a vague idea on how much work it would be, whether it's just the programming or also hardware development needed, etc.

With the extra explanation I may also be interested in doing it. Without knowing much if any details I'm not.
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