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with the ARDUINO MKR WIFI 1010 i stumble upon an unexpected problem.

I have two cables running to analog inputs from two potentiometers.
When such cable is too close to the wifi antenna the value received is corrupted.
I can see this just by moving that cable over the antenna and see the values go crazy (to full 0.0 or max value instead of the proper potentiometer current setu[)

Are there any guidelines/recos to avoid this.
Unfortunately, the whole Arduino is in a 3dprinted enclosure and i lack space to put the cable totally on the opposite side of the antenna.
I tried to pass the cable UNDER the arduino but it seems that the antenna emits signal also under the pcb.

Are there people here who stumble upon the same issue ?
I was thinking i could use some Electromagnetic shielding inside my enclosure.
Or even have two arduinos, one receiving the potentiometers signals and the other one managing wifi.
the one handling potentiometers being as far as possible from the wifi antenna ?

Any help is welcome.


what are the values of the potentiometers? High values (ohm) = more noise

1) use a shielded cable to connect the potentiometers, the shield connected only on the arduino side GND and left unconnected on the other side
2) If you cannot lower the pots values use an op amp as voltage follower between arduino and pots, of course connections should be far from the antenna



thanks for the suggestions.
a friend said i can twist the cables too.

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