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I'm new to Arduino - as in, five minutes new.

I'm looking for a programmer for what I believe will be a VERY simple implementation.
  • I plan to connect two (2) momentary switches to the Arduino Analog inputs (A0 and A1).
  • Any time A0 is triggered, I want to send a particular serial command (SOURCE: HDMI 1) via the D0Rx and D0Tx to the serial port of a device.
  • Any time A1 is triggered, I want to send a particular serial command (SOURCE: HDMI 2) via the D0Rx and D0Tx to the serial port of the same device.

I'd like somebody familiar with both Arduino and serial control. The device being controlled is a Samsung TV (actually, two of them, different models.

Attached are manual excerpts relating to RS-232 serial control.


Interesting that you have concluded that this is a "VERY" simple implementation considering your self confessed exposure of only 5 minutes to the arduino environment.

Do you have a budget. I may be interested.
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avgod - don't take bainesbunch's reply as .. harsh.

He's got a point, yeah, the problem is generally simple, but it requires some non trivial knowledge on figuring out what those papers actually say and where from to source nowadays a ttl to 232 level adjuster.  Yeah max232 but you can't just plug in an IC in, it needs a PCB or some wires or passives soldered in..

So a suggestion for both, can you find/produce the remote control (IR codes)  to remote-control it from arduino instead of wiring it? (it is also more flexible from positioning/placement of the arduino circuitry POV)

PS E,G, there is no "D0Rx and D0Tx" in either papers you provided nor arduino nomenclature. So yeah, your message may seem crystal clear to you, but it has a certain level of cryptography included you are not aware of being non-trivial to decode it.


The software part is indeed VERY simple. A 10-minute or so job, including debouncing of the buttons. Press button, react with a Serial.print() command.

The hardware may be harder to do, unless you have all those pieces in place already.
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