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Hi everyone,

I don't know if this section is the right one to post this but I didn't find any section else which this topic could fit in better. If you find something which it might be wrong, please let me know.

I'm going to put in context the problem:

I would like to write some libraries for Arduino Uno which its MCU is ATmega328.

I need to configure the Eclipse project but I wasn't able to.

This is my setup:

  • OS: Debian GNU/Linux 9.5 (stretch)
  • Eclipse: Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers Version: 2018-12 (4.10.0)
  • Arduino AVR Board: 1.6.23

I followed the steps from this article:


But I have found some troubles:

The library source code is included in the Arduino IDE download, in the hardware/cores/arduino directory. At the very least, you will need the header files from that directory accessible to your Eclipse project:
  • HardwareSerial.h
  • WProgram.h
  • wiring.h
  • WConstants.h
  • binary.h
  • pins_arduino.h
  • wiring_private.h

  • The library source path is not in the path mentioned.
  • The WProgram.h doesn't exist.
  • There are many files called pins_arduino.h.

Could you help me please? I'll appreciate it very much.

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