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Hello guys one doubt I`d like to acquire the Create Service for me, I`m only an single user, and I cannot purchase the service from Chrome Store cause the button buy is blocked/not enabled.

What to do.



From https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/arduino-create/dcgicpihgkmccjigalccipmjlnjopdfe:
** If the "Try now" or "Buy" button is disabled and you are in a school environment, please using the following page to purchase an education subscription: https://create.arduino.cc/plans/chrome-app **
There is a special Arduino Create Chrome app version for schools, so if you're accessing the Chrome Web Store from a education network you will be blocked from purchasing the standard version of the app.


I find it weird that an open-source company has the gall to charge users of ChromeBooks any fee at all.  If I use your system from a Mac or Windows or linux machine, I don't have to pay.  I was hoping to use ChromeBooks for my summer programming classes, but I will skip that and just buy a few used laptops.  And use the desktop IDE.  Trying to get a school system to commit to ANY amount, even $0.20/student/month, is a near-impossible task.  It is even harder to get a nonprofit community outreach organization (where I'm going to teach) to make such a commitment.  I think this is not the effect you should be looking for.

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