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I have made an underglow project for my car and first did all my programming and testing on a 10amp 5v power supply. Everything worked fine and no problems came up. Now that I have wired everything up, 12v from the battery is passing through a 20 amp inline fuse then through a toggle switch and then to a 5v 30amp converter. This then powers the LEDs and the Arduino, the Arduino is powered through a USB cable that is attached to the 5v 30 amp circuit but the HC-05 module is connected straight to the Arduino which is on and has its LED's on. every time I toggle on and off the circuit, once I toggle it back on, the Arduino powers up but not the HC-05 Module> The only temporary fix I have found for now is to unplug either power to the HC-05 or the ground and plug them straight back in their spots. I am really confused and have looked at many problems this module has had running on 9v lipo batteries but none have helped. will include a picture in future posts if needed.
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