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Mar 28, 2019, 07:31 pm Last Edit: Mar 28, 2019, 07:47 pm by larryd
I'm back on the list :)

Spent 13 minutes on the phone with them today.

When I said I was 93 years old (okay that was a lie :( ) they got excited and began to salivate.

At the end of the call they accused "me" of wasting their time but did say "have a good day".

Maybe tomorrow :)

And reducing my interest rate to 0% was only going to cost me a one time payment of $3497.45.

They would put this on my credit card so I wouldn't have to pay interest on it.

No technical PMs.
The last thing you did is where you should start looking.


They only wanted $495 for mine.. :o :o  :( :(
$495 or they send the SWAT team?
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