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Hey everyone.

so i made a project where i have a standalone versione of the arduino using an atmega328. First i wanted to use the internal 8MHz Clock for this. But due to the effect that i use an IR reciver i need the 16Mhz in my opinion, i know that 8MHz would probably suffice but therefor i need to add a new board with the other clock parameters, now im using the uno board as ISP. Long story short, i installed a 16MHz to the xtal1 and xtal 2 pin (and to GND). The Problem now is that i don't have real time, for example i make delay(1000) and the time my programm waits is way longer.
Maybe someone can help me.



Did you burn a 16MHz bootloader to the.chip?  You will need to.  Does the crysral have the 18pf loading caps?




The material of this thread/post could be useful for you.

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