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Hey guys,

My name is Maarten and I am a student. I have a very strange question regarding the arduino MKR 1000.

I have a little project going on, I'm using the MKR to build a small weather station. Every 5 minutes de MKR (should) send data to Thingspeak. (I am using the mqqt broker of thingspeak to do this)

Everything seems fine if i run my Arduino via my USB port ( hooked on my computer). But i want to place my set-up outside so i use an AC/DC converter. My converter transforms 230V AC down to 5V DC ( 2A ).

The problems i have experienced are very strange. For 90% of the time, de MKR stops ruining after severel updates, like 20 or 30 minutes. I have been searching & searching of what the problem might be, and i don't know why. Can somebody give me some option about why this is happening. If u need further information feel free to ask. But i am quite sure it has nothing to do with my code cause he works fine if he is powered via USB or 10% of time via AC/DC converter.

(And no guys i don't have a while(!serial) in my code)

Kind Regards

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