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Hello everyone, I am interested to learn about free energy. I want to learn how to make a wind turbine generator,solar panels etc. but i can't find any good info and tutorials on that altough i am searching for days now. Any information given is really apreciated.


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You can't make a wind turbine or a solar panel with an Arduino. I doubt if a DIY solar panel is possible, though you could buy cells and assemble them yourself. A crude but functional DIY wind turbine should be possible. I suspect there are hundreds or thousands of web pages about wind turbines and solar panels.

The role (if any) for an Arduino would lie in controlling a system - for example to control the mechanism to keep solar panels facing the sun as the earth rotates.


PS ... IMHO solar panels are much more practical - no moving parts to fail. Wind turbines need high wind speeds to be effective, but too much wind and they break.
Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


The term "free energy" is used to refer to perpetual motion machines that are able to generate energy. If you use that search term, you'll find information from scammers, the deluded, and debunkers explaining why anyone claiming "free energy" is possible is either a scammer or deluded. The information from the first two is good only for entertainment value, but I advise you to shun it even for that purpose because the views provide the scammers with ad revenue and the deluded people with reinforcement of their delusions. The debunker stuff can be informative and entertaining, and it's worth supporting these efforts, but once you understand the laws of thermodynamics, you can categorically refute all "free energy" claims, and the debunker stuff becomes redundant.

Luckily, it doesn't sound like you're actually interested in wasting your time on "free energy". Things like wind turbines and solar panels are often referred to by the term "alternative energy". While you will find information from scammers and the deluded in the alternative energy world, I would say the majority of it is legitimate. Unfortunately, it may be much more difficult to identify the information on this topic that comes the scammers and deluded.

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