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Hi Friends,

I have bought  Arduino UNO and  3.2" TFT display (320*240  ILI9341 driver -  model SKU MRB 3205) for my project.

Unfortunately the display not supports SPI or I2C  or 8-bit mode. It supports only 16 bit parallel mode but  UNO (ATmega 328)  have limited  IO pins .

Please share if you have experience on Arduino UNO  with 3.2 " TFT display in 16 bit parallel interface  or pls give your suggestions . Thanks in advance.


You appear to have bought a screen with this wiki

Although you can power the board with 5V or 3.3V it requires 3.3V GPIO on all the signals.    The 17x2 header does not match anything other than a STM32 dev board.

Either buy the STM32 dev board or buy a new screen.


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