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As I am starting with Arduino, I´ve collect somo programming and hardware knowledges at the University. Anyway, I´ve tried with a starter kits and, after that, my intention, is to get installed in certain led panels light regulation wih arduino hardware, using LDR resistor and all.

Would any recommend me any link regarding this subject or some instructions to get started with?



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We would need more specific information to be of help.  
What light panel (datasheet)?
Which Arduino?
What does the light panel do in response to the LDR?
How is the project powered?

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The led panel model is from ILumnia Model LED PRO 40W (REf. LP770 /CCT 4000 k) AC 220-240

Driver regarding LED Panel : Input AC 100-240 v ---50 Hz -- Max 0,6 A
                                          Output DC27-42 V

Dimming Range 10%-100%

AS we have started with Arduino UNO Rev 3, my idea is keep working with this arduino hardware.

LIGHT Panel will change its light range in function of LDR voltage. In this case, i had in mind uisng PWN output to control ac voltage for LED panels.



Remember to factor into your program that the LDR is linear, but the human response to light level is logarithmic.



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The CdS LDR intensity response is nonlinear, and reasonably well approximated by a power law, with gamma (below) typically 0.6 to 0.8.

(I/I0) = (R/R0)(-gamma)

R0 is the resistance measured at intensity I0, and so R decreases with increasing light intensity.

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