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Hi all!

Where is located the DNS setup for the Yun?

I mean from the guide https://www.arduino.cc/en/Guide/ArduinoYun, it is shown that is possible to connect either to IP or http://arduino.local

I would like to change these two info.

Cannot find them on the Linux tree on the onboard module.

Hope is clear enough  :) 



To change the arduino.local name, go to http://arduino.local with a web browser, and log in. Click the "Configure" button. The first edit field on the configuration page is "YUN NAME". Whatever you put here is the name you will use in combination with ".local". For example, if you change it to "Yun" you would then access it using yun.local.

To change the IP address when it is acting as an access point, click the "advanced configuration panel (luci)" link on the configuration page. If you poke around there, I'm sure you'll find where the IP address is defined, probably under the Network tab. I don't have a Yun configured as an access point at the moment, so I can't give you the exact field.

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