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Good afternoon

I have been designing a robotic arm with 5 servomotors.

I have been testing each one separately and when I feed the motor via arduino board It works perfectly.

If I feed the motor via protoboard with the power of arduino board, some of them start behaveing bad.

If I feed the motors via protoboard with external power supply of 3 doble A batteries it happens the same, bad behaviors .

What could be the solution?

Is there any external power supply of 5V that can give me the same amperage of arduino or higher?

Thankyou in advance


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AA batteries
3 X 1.5V = 4.5V  your Servos probably need 6VDC.

There are many many 5V and 6V motors available, use Google.

What is the electrical ratings for your servos?

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AA batteries are unlikely to provide enough current for 5 servos, they may need around 5A peak
all together.  Servos are very power hungry.
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