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Hi my first post, I hope i got the correct forum section.

I live on a farm in South Africa and want to build a security system, that the people living on the farm can use if there is an issue, so that we can work as a community.

I have been told that the Arduino Uno and NRF boards can be used, and I have bought them. I have looked through some of the online help and connected aerials and buttons to boards.

I have also looked through some code but I am no coder, I am looking for someone who can work alongside me to build the system and get it working. I am willing to pay for this service.

I hope you are able to help me.

Thank you


Hi duncanjohnson.

I just finished an alarm system for another client.  I'll send details via PM.

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Alarm system != security system. Related, yet different systems.

You have to explain much more on what you expect from your security system.
What "issues" are you trying to solve?
What is the role of the NRF, and which exact ones do you refer to?
What should the system do, exactly?
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