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Hey guys, i have a display from a Pioneer DEH-1500. I figured it would be easy to hack seeing how the faceplate pops off. I took the faceplate apart and the pins are labled, I just don't understard what the abbreviations mean. they are as follows: uGND GND KYDT DPDT SW5V NC ILL DSENS      I am aware GND is ground, but don't know what uGND is. DPDT would usually be double pole double throw, but that would make no sence on this circuit board. I assume SW5V is switched 5v power, and NC is not connected (it doesn't appear to be connected on the circuit board either)  Any help figureing out what the other abbreviations mean would be great! Thanks!


Ok so I talked to a pioneer tech, and figured out what the pins were. DPDT is display data, KYDT is keyboard data, Dsens goes strait to ground and lets the radio know the faceplate is attached. Now the question is, how do I communicate with this thing? thanks


well, you're off to a good start. next up you need to look for any signs of controls chips on the lcd. since there are so few wires it's probably some kind of serial control protocol. this is where a logic analyzer or at worst, an oscilloscope comes in handy. but if you can find any part numbers, that would help the most. also, post some pictures if you can


I know its been 7 years since this post but was there any progress on it? I'm interested.

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