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Hello everyone,

I am new in CNC projects and that is the first CNC I am doing actually.

My equipment and setup :

- an ATMEGA2560

- a ramps 1.4 for shield

- 4 stepper drivers

- a cc generator (set on 12 V)

- I followed the enclosed wiring on rerap.org

My problem is that by giving instruction on the arduino IDE I got a response of the steppers but I can't get any movement of my steppers (on Y or X axis) when I try to jog them or by sending any nc files. However, commands are properly send as you can see on the attached screenshot. When sending a nc files it actives a green "Active state : jog" and display a work and machine position while the steppers aren't moving a bit or making a noise.

I well have a voltage of 12V on every pins I verified. In despite of this inertial state for every motor I notice some movement when I connect motors on E1 or E2 connectors, but only when I open a nc file !

I'll be really grateful for any answer someone can bring me on this issue,





My problem is that by giving instruction on the arduino IDE I got a response of the steppers
What exactly do you mean by that?
What instructions?
What program is on the Arduino?

With appropriate adjustment for the motor pins the examples in this Simple Stepper Code should allow you to test each motor separately. You may also need to set the enable pins for the drivers.

Make sure to start your tests with very slow stepper speeds.

Stepper Motor Basics

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


First of all thank you for your reply even if it wasn't what I was expecting. I've finally built a cnc machine but with arduino unos. Good continuation.


It looks like you are running grbl on the ATMEGA2560.  The default pins for a CNC controller board made to work with grbl will not have the same pins as the Ramps 1.4 board.  A controller firmware made to work with the Ramps board would be more appropriate.  Like Marlin.

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