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I have set up Arducam Shield Mini 5MP Plus with Beaglebone Black Rev C. I am able to read/write Arducam registers through SPI and I2C. I have gone through OV5642 datasheet and SW application notes.

I am unable to get frame size anything different from 8 when I read registers 0x42~0x44. When I perform single read 10 times to read frame buffer I get all 0's for first 8 reads and then possibly some garbage value for remaining  reads.

I suspect wrong initialization of arducam. Now my problem is that I am a newbie and there are too many registers involved in initialization. I am including "ov5642_regs.h" in my source code. What are the registers that I should focus on? Any leads/clues would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance.

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