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Hi arduino team,

I'am actually working with the MKR GSM 1400. I am sending uart data to a motor controller with the Tx pin, and I also want to receive data from the motor controller. The problem is that, the connection between the MKR and the motor controller is just a single wire.

So this is my question : Is it possible to have a serial half duplex connection with the MKR GSM 1400 ? And if yes, how can I achieve it ?

This is what I have read on the ATSAMD21 datasheet :

"Up to six Serial Communication Interfaces (SERCOM), each configurable to operate as either:
-USART with full-duplex and single-wire half-duplex configuration"

This may be a solution, but I didn't find anything more about it.

Any help is welcome  :)

Thanks for reading and have a nice day !


There is a tutorial for using the SERCOM functionality via a more user-friendly interface provided by Arduino here:
And the related source code is in the files SERCOM.h and SERCOM.cpp here:

Unfortunately, I don't see anything specific about half duplex in any of that so you might need to go back to hunting the datasheet for more information.

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